marketing and self promoting yourself and content online, in print
  Marketing your content can be a science. If you promote yourself by print or
  electronically, here are some helpful links, tips & information that may help!



If you are a writer, photographer, illustrator, cartoonist,
designer or other creative, you already realize the web
as a potential tool to promote your talent.  There is the option of "syndicating" your work in the format of your choice and the next basic question that comes to mind is how? For most, the question is obvious...let someone handle it for you. However, if you feel you want more "creative control" over how to offer it, you have options. The first option is whether to charge a fee or give it away for free. The option of charging has much potential in that you can provide your product via php script.
 It sounds complicated but what an actual php script will do, is control the actual "feed" or rotation of your image. Specialists who actually write these scripts can can configure a line of code for your product, based on it's size - in essence the pixel width and / or height of the image(s). The script can be configured to rotate the image either daily, weekly or every other day. The code can easily be inserted into the HTML codeon your web site's index page and then you have your php script writer upload the script and configure it on your web host's server.
 Of course you need to upload the folder which contains the images which you want to rotate and do this within your own index page also. Fees to have a php script written and configured specifically for your own creative content vary greatly and it is recommended that you contact several with your in-depth information and ask for a fee quote. Additionally you may want to dive in and learn php on your own - Several books existwhich are available and some recommendations on books will be made later.
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                       Some great sources to locate php script writers:
 PHP PROFESSIONALS - Various listings with writers charging various rates.
 PHP FREAKS - A combination of listings with writers and links about PHP.
 PHP Resource Index - Take time to browse and dissect the lists & links here.
 All about PHP and how it can be imbedded into any HTML - Good background info
 Info4PHP - In depth ist of contacts and links relating to this unique script.
 WebSiteTips - additional links to other sites devoted to PHP. A "must visit"!
                                              BOOKS ABOUT PHP

 PHP Programming Language - Offers book sources to download for more info.
 Amazon listings of PHP related titles that can be purchased at discount rates.
 The Open Sourcery - Very in depth content relating to php language.
 Free PHP - Books you can download online as an ezine or in PDF format!

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 Below is a sample of a syndicated online cartoon by Dan Rosandich
  which is controlled via php script. Dan had the script configured so
   that the new cartoon changes at 2am eastern time off of his web
   host's server. Nothing has to be done because a year's worth of
 cartoons was uploaded to his web site on a specific day each year.

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You Can Also Use RSS Software To Create Your Own Feed - This Program Comes Recommended!

      What Is RSS? A comprehensive Summary Of This Program To Easily Understand The Concept
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 Assuming you assembled your creative work in the intended folder, uploaded and properly
 prepared it either through PHP script, RSS or another manual feed of your choice, you will want
 to promote yourself via some credible channels. One extremely simple yet popular form of self
 promotion is email. Find a reputable agency to distribute a properly written press release that
 you have written. Press releases can act as a form of self promotion if you incorporate proper
 keywords into the content since many of these agencies will archive these releases in an online
 archive after their initial send-out.
 MassMediaDistribution is probably one of the best if not the best. You can also do very basic
 searches for "press release companies" which ought to give good results. Enhance your work
 by using print ads and it can be a very good investment to purchase a series of display ads in a
 trade magazine. Other avenues can involve direct-mail where you can opt to send out several
 thousand postcards to promote the visibility of what you're offering. Don't forget that you can
 buy mailing lists, targeting your recipients by choosing the SIC (Standard Industrial Classifica-
 tion) code that pertains to your audience. Mailing list vendors vary greatly, but one that is a
 highly recommended source to contact is InfoUSA and aside from mailing lists, they can assist
 you in other types of contact information and marketing packages . . .a very diverse company
 who have been on the map for quite a while. We urge you to read about Info USA's owner who
 has a fantastic story to tell, read about Vinod Gupta to learn about how someone from another
 country has realized the "American Dream"! So far as the term marketing applies to what you
 want to syndicate, please keep in mind that your WEB PRESENCE + EMAIL PROMOTION that is
 enhanced with DISPLAY ADVERTISING in a trade journal of your choice, backed up by a well
 If you have tips or comments to add, please send them: an after care-
 ful consideration, they may be added to a section of this website at a later date. Your help will
 be greatly appreciated.                                                                                                        



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